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About Steem Experts
Steem Experts at SoftProdigy is a team of Steem developers and bloggers who have been writing and developing for the platform for more than a year now. We carry deep understanding on the Steemit platform and necessary know-how to develop DApps and Bots on top of the Steem Blockchain.
Our Key Services

Steemit Marketing

Our team of digital marketers can help you reach a wide community of cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts. We are proficient in writing blogs and running promotions on on platforms like- Steemit, Medium & Telegram.

Steem Bot Development

Whether you are looking for Voting Bots or Delegation Bots, our team of developers is comfortable in developing Bots of all types on the Steem Blockchain. We are comfortable working with both Python & NodeJS based bots.

Steem DApp Development

Build amazing Blockchain powered apps that rewards the community members for contributing on the platform by leveraging the power of Steem Blockchain and earn Beneficiary shares for your apps.

Steem Witness/Seed Node Setup

We carry extensive experience setting up infrastructure and servers to create and manage a Steem Witness or Seed node to become part of the Steem Blockchain and earn the Steem crypto-currency.

ICO Marketing

If you are planning to market your ICO, we can help you! As a professional ICO marketing agency, we can help you increase the popularity of your crypto coins by attracting more customers to your ICO sale. Our services include ICO creation and optimization, white paper creation, website creation, and more!

Hire Steem developers and Steemit experts and share your content, get instant feedback and even an opportunity to monetize your content.

OUR Recent Work on Steem Blockchain

Steem Bounty

The Steem-Bounty platform allows users to add up an additional financial value to the questions or content that is posted on Steemit, in the form of Bounties. Similar to the Steemit Rewards, Bounties can also be earned by the content creators, curators and the community.

We developed a Bounty Bot and a Web Interface as part of this project.

View Steem Bounty Project

Steem Bounty - Steem Experts Portfolio
Steem Vote Exchange Club - Steem Experts Portfolio

Steem Vote Exchange Club

Built on top of the Steem Blockchain, Vote Exchange Club is an automated Bot solution that lets the Steem users maximize their return of Steem Power (SP) by getting upvotes from the other members of the voting club. We developed a Vote Exchange Bot and a Web Interface as part of this project. View Steem Vote Exchange Club Project

Steem Forever

Steem-Forever allows you to enable any of your posts and comments to be upvoted beyond the 7 day post-life. With this, the users can keep on earning way beyond than the actual 7 day lifespan of a post. It works with any existing post. There is nothing that needs to be done to old post.

We developed a Web Interface as part of this project.

View Steem Forever Project

Steem Forever- Steem Experts Portfolio

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Our Other Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Services

Our skillset is not just limited to Steem Blockchain. We have hands-on experience of working on other blockchain systems and crypto-currency related development work. Some of the major services we offer in this domain include items like: