3 Best Practices for Creating Voting Bots

3 Best Practices for Creating Voting Bots

It’s strange how some new users start getting a flood of upvotes on their blogs being posted on the SteemIt platform. The reason behind this is not that they are already very popular on SteemIt but they make use of voting bots to get so much exposure.

If you haven’t been on SteemIt yet, you might not be aware of what voting bots are. So, before we head towards the best practices to create a voting bot for you, let’s discuss what voting bots are and how you should get them developed through SteemIt DApp developer.

What are Voting Bots?

Voting bots are a type of software application that runs the scripts automatically with the aim of automating upvotes on the blog posts shared on SteemIt, a blogging platform. There are several other ways to make use of these bots legitimately. This includes handling steem accounts, checking IP address of the voter for security purpose, or performing other standard security procedures. In order to develop voting bots, developers choose to build it from scratch, making use of free open-source applications or prototyping tools.

Here, in this blog post, we are going to share with you the 3 best practices for creating voting bots. Continue reading if you are curious to know more about it.

  • Determine the use of your voting bot

First of all, understand the use of the voting bot you are going to get developed. This would help the developers to choose the best platforms to accomplish the development process. For example, if you want a voting bot capable of passing CAPTCHA, then voting bots developer will choose the platform providing messaging capabilities.

  • Choose the platform

Secondly, think about where you are going to use this voting bot. Is it to be used on SteemIt platform or any online polling platform? The answers to these questions will assist the developers in making a voting bot platform-specific so that it performs well according to the platform and accomplishes the aim it is made for. Developers also need to select and install an integration specific to the platform to run the bot.

  • Use a prototyping tool

In order to impress the stakeholders and make them aware of your voting bot, it is best to make use of the prototyping tool. The prototyping tools help them visualize your concept with ease. There are many prototyping tools available online. Make the best use of them and choose the one that serves your purpose well.

I hope, you have got an idea about voting bots and the best practices you should follow if you are planning to get a voting bot developed for you. Make sure a voting bot developed should work in an authentic way. Ask your developers to test them out well. Aim to reduce fraudulent use of voting bots and enhance their effectiveness for your organization or for your clients.

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