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5 Best Practices For Bot Development

Every growing company is focusing to go with the trend! Latest technology like a chatbot or simply a bot is ruling this day and age. Bots have experienced a marked transition from toys to tools after Facebook has introduced bots on FB messenger. Majority of businesses hire bot developer for their businesses but they do have this common question in the back of mind that what best practices need to be taken into consideration for Bot development.

Keeping that in focus, we have put some best practices together in this blog post. Continue reading to have the best understanding of each of them.

  1. Understanding your audience

Before developing a bot for any business, it is essential that you know your audience well. Bots are serving the categories including entertainment, ecommerce, news, utility and customer services. If the business lies under these categories then it is good to proceed if not then dig deep down to know how bot development will help the target audience. Once you understand your audience, start developing the bot accordingly and make sure that you pay close attention to support logs and run regular analytics.

  1. Clarify your goals

Every development project is initiated with specific goals. One should be very clear about them. Having goals will help you to realize the expected returns on investment. This is not the only benefit you avail by having clarity of your goals but much more than that. This includes the opportunity to drive new prospects, improve customer engagement, make improvements, etc. Chatbots require frequent changes and updates, so developers and testers are required throughout its journey for proper maintenance. So, don’t just consider the chatbot development a short-term task.

  1. Identifying correct use case scenarios

Many businesses are discovering more use cases of chatbots! Make sure the chatbot you are going to develop, has the correct use case scenario to ensure the successful results. To identify the correct use cases, you must know about its two classifications i.e. automation and augmentation. Automation is referred to the routine tasks needs to be carried out with the chatbot which improves the overall productivity of the business. Augmentation is more related to the switching of tasks and sifting through gigabytes of data.

  1. Choose the right Bot Development Framework

Make sure you choose the right Bot development framework as this hugely impacts how your bot brings you the desired results. You can also build bots from scratch but if you are choosing a comprehensive framework then be aware. The two most popular tech giants are Microsoft and Facebook, but these are not just the only options. There are some startups too that are offering their frameworks along with the specialized offerings. Here is a list of these frameworks:

  • Facebook bot engine (Wit.ai)
  • Pandorabots
  • Microsoft bot framework
  • Chatscript
  • ai

Most of the developers choose to go with the custom bot development as with these development frameworks there is always a risk factor of a company changing its terms and conditions.

  1. Be prepared for failure

Conversation between the bot and the user cannot be predicted by the bot developer. Thus, there are chances of failure at some point in time. That means having a plan for failure in advance should be built by the developer. Make sure that the bot does not give an unsatisfactory experience to the users. Test the bot with every single possible case that might occur. Develop the bot in such a way that if it faces any failure it must politely ask the user for more clarity and this, in turn, helps the bot to get back on the track.

Now after going through these best practices, you must be well-versed with the development of bots for successful results. If you are still in doubt then get in touch with the best Steem developers who have been serving a large client base. They have been developing bots by keeping these best practices into account. If you are still seeking a developer to take your business to next technology leap, head over to Steem Experts now!

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