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Steemit: 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Using this Platform

Who doesn’t like making more money? With the cost of living increasing each day, people are looking for several sideways to earn extra income to meet their daily needs and demands. If you’re someone looking to increase your income, we have got the perfect solution to your financial problems.

Now, there has been a buzz going on in the digital world about Steemit, a blockchain-based blogging platform where people can earn by just blogging and voting! If you’re not familiar with it even yet, we have got a whole informational piece for you. So, before we tell you some of the ways to make money with Steemit, let’s learn a little bit about Steemit.

What is Steemit?

Steemit has become a relatively popular platform to earn money. It is a social media website powered by blockchain technology and uses Steem, a cryptocurrency, for rewarding participants.

If you have a Steemit account, you are ready to earn extra money. However, you must be consistent and determined, as it is not that easy to practice. Here are some ways you can make money using Steemit.

  • Create quality posts

One of the best ways to earn Steemit tokens, such as SBD, Steem, and Steem power, is creating quality content for your Steemit blog. You might know someone who has been doing this but hasn’t gained a single token. Well, this is where consistency comes into the picture. Therefore, if you want success, you must be consistent in providing quality blog posts.

  • Comment

Just in case you don’t want to get involved in the strenuous task of writing blogs, or you don’t have much time, you can still earn money on Steemit by commenting. When we say commenting, it doesn’t mean any comments. But your remark should be reasonable and engaging. Plus, try to comment on the post of users having more Steem power.

  • Upvote others’ posts

Do you know Steemit also rewards people for upvoting others’ posts? Since this platform is powered by cryptocurrency and blockchain, everyone gets benefited here, from writing posts to commenting and upvoting posts. For instance, when you upvote others’ content on the website, you gain Steem power, which helps earn money.

  • Play games

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, this is the best opportunity for you to earn extra cash. All you need to do is play games on the Steem blockchain and earn tokens, which you can get transferred to money. Some of these games include Pac-Man, Drugwars, @magicdice, and @steemmonsters.

  • Add your opinion

Have you ever seen any platform rewarding its users for giving opinions and suggestions on how to make it better? No! Right? But Steemit does provide people with tokens if their opinions benefit any user.

Apart from this, you can also make money with Steemit Bot. In this current era, we have seen Bots taking control of tasks that were previously done by humans. You can use Bots as a vending machine to insert SBDs, and return your SBDs and earn money.

If you’re planning to invest your money in the Steemit business model, get in touch with Steem Experts. We house a team with years of experience, hands-on-training, and in-depth knowledge in Steem Bot and DApp development.

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