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5 Reasons That Will Make Content Creators Shift Towards DTube

Without a doubt, YouTube is the #1 video platform for users but despite its popularity, it still lacks several measures. So, content creators are looking for something new. Something with that has freedom to speech.

Today, in this article, we are going to briefly explain you about one such alternate called DTube & why it is better than other platforms such as YouTube!

Before understanding DTube, which is an example of Dapp development, you should learn about the following terms:

  • Steemit

Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies (Steem) by posting, curating, & up-voting the content. Users earn money based on how much STEEM they have invested into the platform by owning STEEM Power.

  • DTube (Decentralized Tube)

DTube is a YouTube-like video platform but is totally a Steemit-based application, which defines it differently.

DTube is a video platform where users vote on videos to reward creators, curators, influencers, and viewers in cryptocurrency. So basically, DTube is pretty similar to Steemit except from the fact that DTube is only for video content.

DTube is a perfect example of modern Dapp development & it is a Steemit-based application, which is built on top of blockchain. This really makes DTube interesting & different than any other platform.

So, let’s take a look at some of these differences that really makes DTube a different platform.

  1. DTube is a decentralized platform for users

It is totally a decentralized application created on blockchain technology. Now, the blockchain technology allows a decentralized list of record-keeping without a central server between data & the user. It is a peer-to-peer networking where data is safe and secured.

  1. No censorship

No one controls data on this platform. It has no one’s censorship at all. No video on DTube can be blocked or removed because of its copywriting or its content type. Many content creators take this aspect as an advantage to their creativity.

  1. No advertisements

DTube is simply ads free video platform. Over YouTube, users can earn by the means of advertisements on their videos. Sometimes, generating ads revenue is a hard task for content creators.

But here, earning is simply generated by the video posting & up-voting in the form of Steem. This will be generated for 7 days, after that video will remain on DTube but earing will stop. So, worrying about ads is over, over the DTube.

  1. No recommendation algorithms & no views to count

YouTube recommendations work on a system of metadata analysis. This really causes the lack of attention for some good videos because they don’t get a valuable rank according to the YouTube algorithm.

But DTube overcomes this problem with its recommendations based upon the user’s views & votes. If community thinks your video is valuable then it will be tracked & ranked among the trending videos. Interesting fact!

Plus there is no need to focus on the views for your video. YouTube primarily works on the popularity of the videos by its views, but in case of DTube, views are not even displayed. However from the uploader’s side, how much money the video has generated is displayed.

  1. DTube is a new platform & has great scope for beginners

DTube is a new platform with great scope for beginners to showcase their talent. DTube is independent from large companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. This simply allows its visibility to those users who are willing to work independently.

These reasons are simply enough for the shift that you are seeking for your content creation. DTube is a small platform for a large movement for all those content creators who are seeking for their creativity to be free from authorities, censorships, advertisements, & algorithms.

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