Best Practices to Attract User-Generated Blog Content

Best Practices to Attract User-Generated Blog Content – Steem Experts

There are usually two types of content, one is shared by consumers and the other one is shared by brands. The first type of content is what we call a User Generated Content (UGC), which is gaining more popularity nowadays with the subsequent adoption of digital applications.

UGC has become a powerful source of marketing for brands. Users create invaluable content, which is intended to get you more branding, traffic, leads, and sales. Since they are providing such unique and trustworthy content for you, what are your efforts towards them? Have you ever thought of this? If not, start thinking now as it is never too late to start!

The aim of writing this blog post is to make sure that you understand the worth of your guest bloggers and provide them exposure too. This will finally result in attracting more user-generated blog content to your website. Now, let’s discuss how to accomplish these goals by taking into account the following practices that are being used by the best ICO marketing companies:

  1. Give a clear vision of your brand

You need to give a clear vision to your audience about what your blog offers and then provide them with a dedicated “Write for us” page. For example, if you are dealing in cryptocurrency business, give every single detail to cryptocurrency content writers about the purpose and goals of your business. Once you give them all the information about your offer and make a clear way for your audience to write for you, there are more chances of getting valuable content. Don’t forget to give them content guidelines so that you receive the content that you desire and save time of your influencers too.

  1. Provide exposure to your contributors

People who contribute to your blog should be given the exposure they deserve. Apart from the SEO benefits, content writers perform guest blogging with the aim of getting exposure. So, if they are adding value to your blog, why not give them what they desire? The top cryptocurrency marketer in India use this approach to attract more user-generated content to earn more investors. You can add an author box specifying their name and a link they want to promote that may be their social media profiles. This way, you can give exposure to them.

  1. Constantly engage with your contributors

Engagement with existing contributors and the ones you are targeting to join your blog is very essential. Social media is the best platform for engagement with contributors. You can simply link with their social media profiles and start engaging. You can start with liking their work, adding conversational comments on their posts, and the best way is sending them a list of trending topics they can write on.

  1. Reward your top contributors

Rewards are loved by everyone! So, why not give rewards to those who put value to your brand? You can run contests or set up events for your contributors and give rewards to the winners for their efforts. This not only increases the excitement among existing content writers but also encourages others to join and earn rewards.

  1. Encourage user reviews/comments

It is a very good practice to encourage users to put reviews/ comments to the blogs posted by your guest bloggers. This will not only increase traffic on your blog page/website but also encourage writers to contribute more engaging content. You have to make sure that each blog receives likes, comments, and shares they deserve.

  1. Hold a contest 

Every person has a competitive spirit! To boost that spirit and improve engagement, hold contests and give rewards to the winners. You can choose a trending topic for your content writers, say “How Blockchain is ruling the world” and encourage every blockchain content writer to write informative content on it. The best one would be given rewards.

  1. Host Events

Holding events is the best way to attract users for generating content for your brand. You can start with hosting the events which include online workshops, webinars, and fundraisers. To get more exposure you can plan out the community events for charitable causes. These events are easy to get promoted.

  1. Start a Hashtag Campaign

A hashtag campaign is really a beneficial way to accomplish any goal you kept forward. Just think of a hashtag that will get you more exposure and encourage your contributors to write content related to it. Don’t forget to reward the best one!

  1. Build a Community

Building a community for your brand would let you give a personalized view to your audience about your business. It is the best way to interact with your contributors and tell them about your brand. Social media platforms allow you to do so but building a community with most engaging followers is quite difficult as you need to put a lot of efforts in it. You can start with engaging users with a questionnaire about your brand or highlight the best reviews for more exposure.

Hopefully, you have now got an idea about what best practices you should put in your daily schedule, in order to attract user-generated blog content. So, get started now!

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