Blockchain_ A Solution to Content Marketing Issues

Blockchain: A Solution to Content Marketing Issues – Steem Experts

In this digital era, the online market has become volatile while dealing with many challenges and Blockchain technology has provided many solutions to face them all.

For most people, blockchain is just the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But, a majority of people don’t know that it has been serving vast applications far more than just recording the Bitcoin ownership.

Now, the question is, how does it relate to content marketing? Continue reading and I am sure before you reach the end of this article, you will be well-versed with the relation of blockchain and content marketing.

Let’s begin by discussing what content marketing is and how it was before blockchain was introduced.

Content Marketing before Blockchain

Content marketing is a type of marketing which involves creating and sharing valuable content intended to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It has evolved from the ads and articles, which range from being printed on newspapers to getting published on blogs, ads, videos, and whitepapers online.

Now that everything is online, quick, and wide-reaching, many businesses and online marketers have adopted content marketing and are working to produce high-quality and informative content!

However, since a great amount of content is being posted online, the quality is gradually decreasing. Content writers are facing several issues with this scenario. They work hard to write an original piece of content and it ends up getting copied, shared, or claimed by others later.

Though there are many plagiarism tools available to identify the origin of the content, Google identifies and bans the duplicate content but only in some circumstances. There is no perfect solution for it! There are many performance-tracking tools like reactions, shares, and comments available but still, there is a room for improvement. If these two things are managed well then only the original and engaging content will be provided to the target audience.

How can Blockchain be a solution?

Blockchain is a powerful technology which has the potential to address the above-mentioned issues in content marketing and has already provided many advantages to the cryptocurrency content writers.

Blockchain has a block that records exchanges and stores them cryptographically. When recorded, the blocks of the blockchain can’t be changed or adjusted; they can be made accessible for anybody to see, yet there’s no real way to change or erase a block once it has been recorded. Due to its secure and detailed record-keeping, Blockchain offers the following benefits to content writers:

  • Blockchain can be utilized to address the issue of fake news. By tracing the originality of news to the source and its origin, it has become simpler to differentiate between genuine content pieces established on certainties and those that are unjustifiable and brimming with falsehood.
  • Blockchain can record a large measure of data; everything from its origin to the distribution. This implies Blockchain content writers who believe in content sources will turn out to be more confident about the authenticity of the content they share.
  • Blockchain can also address the copyright issues by keeping point to point records and unchangeable exchange history. Rather than content creators fighting for the originality of their work or stressing over copied content, blockchain can demonstrate the history of the original content. This serves as the evidence and enables the first author to bring any copied content down.
  • Its ability to monitor all changes makes blockchain a helpful tool for measuring the performance of content and the sort of engagement it receives. The data accessible through blockchain would be more detailed than what was available before blockchain was introduced and could be utilized to track performance and give an idea to the Blockchain content writer to share the content, which audience wants to read.
  • Blockchain has automated many processes, which have streamlined a number of tasks.

According to Christoph Burgdorfer, the tech director of This Place, “Blockchain technology will enable creators of content to capture the value from each piece more efficiently.”

The same is true for and is happening in the real world too. Hopefully, you have got an idea of how Blockchain has given a solution to content marketing issues. If you are looking for a Blockchain marketing company to get your job done, contact us!

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