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Blockchain and Marketing: How good is the Blend?

Blockchain was probably the biggest buzz of the last decade, widely pronounced for its use in cryptocurrencies. But if you think this technology is only about cryptocurrency, you’re underestimating its immense potential.   

To give an insight into how blockchain can work with marketing, our blockchain content writer is here with some vital information. Just read along!

Blockchain and Marketing  

Marketers are expecting blockchain to bring some dramatic changes to the marketing landscape. As blockchain has great potential to lead a new kind of digital advertising platform, it can help consumers keep their data secure and transparent. This means consumers can be directly compensated for their data and marketers can more precisely control this data to push targeted marketing.

There are some fundamental reasons why blockchain can gain widespread adoption in marketing and advertising. Have a look at them:

  • Ads Without Middlemen

As a business, paying a significant amount of money to middlemen like Google can be a big deal for you. In order to eliminate these middlemen, blockchain can act as a great solution. It can help you skip the ad networks entirely, making advertising cheaper. Also, your users will be verified automatically, which means no need for a third-party to build trust.

  • Secure Marketing

In today’s digital world, data security is a big concern for both businesses and users. Everyday some frequent breaches make the news that someone’s identity or financial information has been compromised. However, with blockchain, data is verified and kept publicly visible. Consequently, you have a better approach to the security of your data.

  • Reliable Marketing

Blockchain can create a transparent marketing where products can be traced. For instance, if some product is organic, you can verify its source and origin in the supply chain. This way auditing supply chains becomes quite straightforward for consumers where they can be sure about the product labels.

Final Words

The blockchain technology and its permission-based access and hard-to-crack security will lead to many revelations in the marketing sector in the years to come. But it alone won’t be enough. Compatible systems and applications will have to come forward to make it possible to use blockchain encryption.

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