Blockchain Technology in 2020

Blockchain Technology in 2020

Firstly let us explain.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain empowers transactions between two gatherings without the requirement for outsider confirmation. The blockchain technology is an advanced, digitally decentralized technology that is developing and making an imprint in various enterprises. Blockchain tracks the transactions that happen on the shared systems. The records get continuously managed and saved in the blockchain memory. These records are put away safely in various decentralized frameworks that are interconnected.

Blockchain technology will disrupt the following industries in 2020:

  • Real Estate

The Real estate industry is one of the industries which will have the highest impact from Blockchain.
Blockchain technology can eliminate the time and effort of attorneys and registrar offices, as property deeds would be created online with the help of smart contracts created with the help of blockchain. Selling and buying of property would also be possible through online B2Cs and transactions could be made via cryptocurrency.

  • Aviation

Another industry that will have a bog hit is Airlines. The e-ticketing process is already streamlined as they are sold by several partners from anywhere in the world, eliminating the longer waits for tickets and check-ins, which used to happen earlier. With the help of a virtual copy of the personal records, the aviation safety and maintenance department can ensure the safety checks.

  • Entertainment and Media

Blockchain technology has already been applied in the entertainment and media industry. Micro payments can be done now, eliminating middlemen intermediary fees and enable the content creators to get the full value of their work.

  • Finance

Bitcoin is powered by the blockchain technology. Not only this, blockchain has managed to run a virtual ledger that can list any transaction and all kinds of assets can be moved and saved securely. This will help two parties to deal without even knowing each other or without any mediator for the transaction.

  • Digital Marketing

Blockchain technology will grow enormously in 2020 in the digital marketing industry. It will impact Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing as follows.

  1. Helps in building trust: Many search engine marketers have already applied blockchain technology for measuring algorithm and exact CTR in any particular ad campaign. So the ads turn out to be less interruptive and more effective to the advertiser as well as the audience as they seem more relevant which eliminates many drawbacks of mobile ads.
  2. Block chain and SEO: SEO professionals are using effective SEO tools and mechanics for measuring website score and various algorithms for your online business. SEO companies will thus fine-tune your website in order to make it stand out from the others in your industry.
  3. Builds transparency: Companies like Unilever are now collaborating with IBM on blockchain projects. If this endeavour becomes successful, others will be convinced to enlist the help of blockchain technology ensuring a transparent digital marketing industry.
  4. Search engines will reshape user experience using blockchain: Browsers will be secured with personalized search options to users who are sick and tired of modern advertising gurus.

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