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Caution! Know the Top 5 Mistakes People Make On Steemit

The Steemit community is ever-evolving and people are making huge bucks out of it. But there are certain mistakes the users of Steemit are making that are stopping them from extracting maximum benefit out of it. . Learn about these mistakes made even by Steem Blockchain experts!

  1. Restricting Voting to only Top Trending Posts

Voting exclusively on top trending posts will bring less influence and smaller curation rewards. Focusing just on the trending posts and not going through the feed to look for quality posts will limit your scope of growth. You should be open to connecting with the not-so-popular authors and grow together.

  1. Maintaining a low Engagement level

Not engaging enough with others will do no good to you on a platform like Steemit. Instead of not engaging, you should vote and leave meaningful comments on the posts you like.

  1. Ignoring the Investment Opportunity of the Platform

Most people get attracted to Steemit because of the earning opportunities that it provides through blogging. But, most of us don’t realize that Steemit is one of the best shortcuts to the crypto world. Don’t ignore the investment opportunity that the platform provides.

  1. Not Being Authentic

Steemit is a platform that promotes authenticity. Copying from other authors will never provide you with long-term benefits. Try to build your own brand and bring something fresh and unique to the platform.

  1. Asking for Things

If you aren’t voting or commenting on the posts by others and then suddenly you reply on a post- “It is amazing! Follow me and I will follow you back”, it doesn’t do anything! Don’t ask for such favors or things from them but add value to their content by adding your valuable replies. They will identify the value that you are adding to their content.


Don’t commit these mistakes if you are on Steemit to stay for a long time. Contact Steem Blockchain experts to know more about how you can exploit the potential of the platform. Hire Steemit experts and our team of professional developers will introduce you to a wide scope of Steemit that is still hidden from you.

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