Top 4 Coding Languages used for DApp Development

Top 4 Coding Languages used for Steem DApp Development

Decentralized applications are software applications that run on a peer-to-peer network of computers, as opposed to a client-server network, and have existed since the advent of peer-to-peer networks. They have, over the years, gained popularity and become increasingly interesting for developers around the world. A DApp is governed by all the members and not just by a single entity that centrally owns the underlying servers and databases. 

Unlike traditional applications built on various platforms like iOS and Android, DApp development is able to connect users and developers directly without the need for employing a middleman to host and manage the code and user data. Building a DApp blockchain requires no permission to be taken as there is no central authority controlling the rules of the platform.

Steem is a social blockchain that not only attempts to grow communities, but also creates revenue streams that reward users for sharing and consuming data. Steemit is one of the most popular Steem-based decentralized application. The blockchain Steemit DApp development platforms as well as programming languages are consistently evolving. Today, there are more than one programming languages for Steem DApp development. It is extremely important to pick the right programming language for a blockchain development or DApp development project in order to prepare it for success.

The top coding languages for Steem dApp development include:

  • C++

C/C++ is a powerful programming language that has been extremely popular with developers and has stood the test of time. Not only has it proven useful for low-level programming, it has also been successful in various general purpose programming. Programmers can improve performance, manage memory efficiently, and get very close to the hardware itself when using C++.

High-level abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism are some factors that have made C++ especially favoured with programmers for dApp development. C++ is the language of choice for people who wish to make their dApp work in an efficient as well as speedy manner.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular language that is used by developers all over the world for software development. JavaScript includes dozens of libraries and frameworks that make it the language of choice for modern web development. Blockchain is a relatively young technology that is undergoing continuous development. Since JavaScript language is excellent at handling asynchronous actions, it is ideal for blockchain development – especially DApp development. JavaScript already has a prominent presence on the web and is an easy language to learn.

  • Python

Python is another common programming language that is easy to learn. It is especially used by scientists and data analysts. Python language has a very large active community of programmers who regularly contribute to an extensive library for a variety of technical applications. All these points together make Python an excellent general-purpose programming language that can be used for building blockchain-based programs and dApps.

  • Ruby

Ruby is one of the top languages used for blockchain dApp development. It is a high level programming language, which empowers developers to accomplish their goals in an effective and effortless manner. It includes open-source third party APIs and plugins that assist in the development process. Ruby language enables developers to mix its features with those of other languages to finally build an enhanced platform.Ruby is rightly regarded as the best language to be used by blockchain developers for building dApp and software.

The most noticeable principal difference between the traditional mobile app development and dApp development is the way its coding is done. The coding for dApp development is done with much more rigor than that in the case of traditional mobile app development. The procedure is similar to hardware testing and prototyping – it is more firm, more rigid and more rigorous. Before the dApp goes into production, the code is written by experienced developers who have an expertise in writing codes for dApps. If there is any bug in the smart contract, it is unchangeable once the app is commenced on the mainnet. Hence, it is very important that the code is scrutinized before the dApp is launched. 

DApps are becoming increasingly popular, and for all the right reasons. They offer a number of benefits, including reliability, scalability, transparency, flexibility, and more. They are sure to permanently impact the e-commerce, healthcare, human resources, transportation, and various other industries to a great extent. They are currently being created to streamline and improve efficiency of processes in these industries. The budget requirements for developing these apps vary a lot. Just like in the case of native app development, the budget of dApp development depends on the technical requirements, features, and functionalities that need to be included in a dApp.

The decision of which programming language is to be used for Steem dApp development is usually dependent on the type of app being created and its purpose. It is important to take into consideration the various functionalities to be provided in the dApp and the audience for which the dApp is created. These factors are essential considerations that the business owner or dApp developer keep in mind while creating the dApp.