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DTube: A Futuristic Video Hosting and Marketing Alternative to YouTube

With the increasing competition in digital space, enterprises or individuals have started to get drawn towards video hosting platforms to promote engaging content to users – for various good reasons. Firstly, it appeals to online users because of the convenience and ease of use. Additionally, it improves conversion rates and sales.

When it comes to video-sharing social media networks, they allow users to upload, share, view, and stream video-based content on the online market. Currently, YouTube, created by Google, is the world’s leading video hosting platform with nearly 1.9 billion users per month. Despite the remarkable number, YouTube has been the talk of the town for several reasons. These include censorship on content, trust issues, banning channels, privacy breaching, and many more. As a result, numerous YouTube users and content creators have turned to an alternative that is DTube – Decentralized Tube.

DTube is a blockchain-based video hosting application where video creators get rewards in cryptocurrency for sharing engaging content. Their rewards depend on the users’ vote on videos. While it is not as popular as centralized video sharing platforms like YouTube, its decentralization, transparency, fair search algorithms, privacy, and high-level security will make the best video hosting application in the future. If you’ve been looking for an uncensored and decentralized video hosting alternative to YouTube, then maybe it’s time you consider DTube marketing services.

Let’s know what makes DTube a better video marketing tool over other centralized platforms.

On the record, Decentralized Tube is the first blockchain-based video sharing platform, which is built with the help of the infrastructure provided by STEEM blockchain and IPFS P2P network.

Interesting features of DTube

To begin with, DTube comes with a cutting-edge and uncensored video streaming service, which means users can share and find all types of content.

  • Crypto incentive

Unlike other centralized video sharing applications, DTube works on cryptocurrency incentive or reward earning system. In simple words, both content creators and users can earn rewards in cryptocurrency for uploading, viewing, commenting, and sharing engaging video content on the platform. It is one of the reasons why most people are slowly drifting toward DTube video marketing services.  After all, who doesn’t like to get paid for doing all this?

  • Familiar user interface

When we talk about the user interface, DTube offers a similar user interface to YouTube because they share similar design language. Thus, if you want to migrate from YouTube to DTube, the transitions would be smooth and easy. Additionally, this decentralized video hosting application is free from the ads clutter, which makes it look clean, and searching for new videos is quite simple.

In closing

Based on the above discussion, it is evident that blockchain integration makes our video sharing platforms fast, secure, transparent, censorship-resistant, and profitable for all. So, we can say that DTube has great potential as the best-decentralized video sharing platform.

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