How Complicated is DApp Development_

How Complicated is DApp Development?

Almost every business is reaping uncountable benefits by having the blockchain technology at its disposal. It is basically providing many solutions from the software development viewpoint, which gives rise to a wide range of applications being developed and used.

These applications not only perform well but also ensure the trust in the online world of selling products and services.  These applications, which are powered by blockchain, are popularly known as “Decentralized Applications” or “DApps”.

These decentralized applications serve as the catalysts for adoption of the decentralized web. Before the introduction of DApps, there was a huge gap between the end users and decentralized networks. DApps got success in bridging that gap. Though these applications are powerful enough, developing applications on the Blockchain is no walk in the park. The process involved in the development of DApps is extremely niche and complicated.

Now, let’s discuss how complicated is the process of DApp development. Continue reading if you are curious to know about it.

In order to explain it well, let’s go through the complexity in the development cycle that Steem developers face while developing DApps.

  • First of all, developers need to establish the environment where they can easily write the smart contracts (a self-executing contract with terms of the agreement between buyer and seller).
  • Once the smart contract is written, it needs to be tested, compiled, and deployed onto the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Sometimes, the code runs fine in the local test but gives errors on the Geth node. For which developers need to return to the written code, look for the errors, and fix them. Once they are fixed, the process of testing, compiling and deploying the smart contract needs to be repeated.
  • Even if all works fine in the local test, errors may still persist while running the code onto the Ethereum blockchain. This time, the smart contract works fine on the Geth node but the problem is in the Parity node.
  • Developers need to revisit the written code and go back to look for the glitch. They fix the errors and deploy the app again.
  • Finally, developers run the application but somehow, it still doesn’t work. All seems fine in the Geth and Parity node, so where is the problem? It is now the MetaMask connection failure?
  • Again, the developers need to go back and fix this, too. Now, finally the smart contract seems to be working fine.
  • If luck (or tech) is not on the developer’s side, they face another issue.
  • The most common issues encountered are with Ganache, checksum, lower-cased addresses. And the list continues…

Hopefully, you have understood what makes the DApps development complex. So, if you are planning to have a DApp developed to fulfill your business needs, it is advisable to hire the experts in providing DApp development services. One of the most renowned DApp development services provider is Steem Experts. Their team of professionals is well-versed in various layers of decentralized systems and communication elements. Get in touch with them now!

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