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List of STEEM DApps experiencing an Extensive Adoption

Blockchain-based decentralized applications are increasing both in number and in usability with each passing day.
Because of the increased popularity and utility of decentralized applications, the demand for Steem DApp development services has raised across the world. Steem created a well-established ecosystem that leads to the widespread adoption of DApp development.

This ecosystem encouraged the community of developers to build DApps by either focusing on the decentralized social media products or for fulfilling the blockchain gaming needs.

Social media-based DApps are operated by giving rewards to the users whereas blockchain gaming products are mostly for the entertainment purpose.

Hire expert for Steem Blockchain work

Steem blockchain is offering everything that is required to develop successful DApps including ease of access, user-friendly experience, and incentives to the users. There are large number of DApps that are serving well in various industries with a large client base. You may also hire Steem DApp developer for your blockchain development needs. Before that, let’s have a closer look at the best Steem DApps that are listed top on DApp.com.

• Steem Monsters by Matt

It’s a decentralized, digital collectible trading card game that was released by two Steem witnesses Aggroed (@aggroed) and Yabapmatt (@yabapmatt) on May 26th, 2018. It has proved to be the great combination of blockchain and games as there is so much to explore in it.

• dMania by Zombee

dMania is 9GAG that is developed on STEEM blockchain. Using this platform, users can post their favorite memes, funny pictures, and GIFs. With each post, comment or upvote, users also receive rewards in an easy and user-friendly manner.

• Steemblr by Snwolak

Just like Tumblr, a microblogging platform, Steemblr also offers a similar functionality that is built on Steem blockchain. It’s an open source blogging platform that allows its users to share photos, GIFs, music, & videos. The best thing is you can also monetize your content and earn well.

Musing by Jonching

Just like Quora, Musing is also a question-and-answer platform that is built on Steem blockchain. This platform lets you monetize your content. On answering questions, users can earn Steem tokens. Its clean design and ad-free experience leads to a great user experience. These features make this DApp worth exploring.

SteemHunt by tabris

SteemHunt is a STEEM-fueled community-based platform for product influencers. Users here are denoted as hunters and being a hunter, one can surface new products, upvote, and comment on them. With each hunt, a product improves the chance of ranking higher. Upvotes from other hunters let the users earn Steem. This platform also enables its users to change STEEM to Bitcoin and then to USD on different exchanges.

Now that you have gone through the top-listed DApps, let’s give a round of applause to the Steem community for their support. If you are also seeking to get your DApp listed, hire expert for Steem Blockchain work and get it listed on top. SteemExperts offers complete Steem Blockchain consulting, development, and marketing solutions. So, get in touch with us now!