How To Make Money On SteemIT

Making Money on SteemIt: The Different Ways to Earn Steem

At this point in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, there is no need to introduce a platform as renowned and successful as SteemIt. But if you still haven’t heard about it, let us tell you that SteemIt is a blogging platform based on blockchain.

The users at SteemIt share content in the form of blogs and get rewarded in turn. The rewards are earned by them in the form of Steem – the cryptocurrency of the platform – and are earned through upvotes by readers.

The rewarding system of this blogging network has induced a number of people to make money with SteemIt. And this is why this platform has gained all its popularity and has been growing since its very beginning.

If you’ve heard about SteemIt and want to know more about how to earn money through this platform, let us tell you the different ways to do so:

  • Write Content

Blogging is what SteemIt intends to promote and blogging is the base of this networking platform. SteemIt is known for the vast content sharing done by its users. There are countless topics covered on this platform and people write through their experience and expertise or just to hold discussions.

Now, being the core activity done on SteemIt, blogging lets you earn money on this platform. When you post your content on the network or be a part of the steem bitcointalk, your content is voted by other users.

The more the upvotes, the more steem you will earn through your content. This steem can later be converted into fiat money. So, this is one of the easiest and effective methods to make money with SteemIt.

  • Engage

Engaging with the content written by others also lets you earn money on SteemIt. As per expert steem marketing consultant, people write content on SteemIt and want it to earn more and more responses. This way, they get to reach the trending page of this platform.

For this, they assign a percentage of steem to upvotes and bids. So, when you, as a SteemIt user upvote or bid on a blog, you can also earn steem through it.

Though the percentage of steem is quite less for comments as compared to blogs, it is quite a beneficial thing with fewer efforts.

  • Introduce Steem Bots

This is another way of earning through steem. You can get a steem bot developed through an experienced developer and use it to earn money on SteemIt.

If you don’t know the hows and whys of using steem bots, get help from steem marketing consultant and you will learn!

Actually, steem bots are the steem users that have a high voting power called Steem Power. If they give an upvote to content or comment on it, their comment is shown at the top. So, they can earn only by commenting.

Also, the upvote of steem bots is also asked for by the bloggers because with a good steem power, when they vote the content, it easily gets on the trending page. The bots even get paid to vote the blogs.

These are the basic ways through which you can earn steem on SteemIt. If you’re looking forward to exploring this platform more, get in touch with expert steem marketing consultant and take your SteemIt game to the next level.

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