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Blockchain- Based Business: Here’s How You Can Market It Effectively

Blockchain technology has a lot of untapped potential and a number of blockchain-based start-ups are emerging all over the world. It is undeniably one of the hottest new technologies to hit the business world, and entrepreneurs as well as corporates are racing to learn more about it so as to apply it to their business. 

In simplest terms, it is a technology through which certified, safe, and accountable transactions are carried out between two parties. While its use was earlier limited to the finance sector, it is now expanding to other domains as well.

Blockchain is essentially a chain of “blocks” or ledgers, which are made up of digital pieces of information. Each piece is made up of three parts: information about the transaction, the participants in the transaction, and a unique code or “hash”, which makes it possible to distinguish between every block that is present on the chain.

Blockchain is gaining relevance because it is a foundational technology that has the potential to be used in an almost infinite number of ways. Just like the internet in its state of infancy, blockchain has the capacity to upgrade a variety of aspects from our personal and professional lives.

Owing to its potential, investments are pouring into blockchain start-ups and it is being predicted that the blockchain market will grow to be a billion dollar industry in the coming years. If you are one of the many professionals seeking to assemble a company fuelled by Blockchain, the following marketing tips will help you stay above your competition.

  1. Step Up Your Content Strategy

Since the technology is relatively new, not many people are aware of how it works. In order to get traction for your business, you will have to explain what your business does and how it can benefit people with the help of a blockchain marketing agency.

Consider creating in-depth whitepapers with the help of blockchain content writers or cryptocurrency content writers to educate investors about your business. You can even hire blockchain content writers to create blog posts and create an inbound marketing funnel to provide detailed information. You can even gate some of your content so that consumers who are interested in your business idea have to provide their contact information in exchange of the content. This contact information can be then used by your hired blockchain marketing agency to follow up on the leads.

Make sure that the blockchain marketing agency is allowing some content to be accessed by prospects so that they can search for your business and move through the funnel quickly.

  • Consider Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to market your blockchain-based business organically is by employing influencer marketing strategies. Consider partnering with a social media influencer to promote your company. This influencer by means of his own faithful brand of audience will be able to lend credibility to your company and generate buzz. Create content together, such as videos, and have the influencer share it on their social channels.

  • Create Guest Posts to Offer Thought Leadership

Blockchain technology is still in the stage of infancy. Therefore, people crave for more and more information on the subject. Most readers do not even know how the technology works and why they should care about it. The entrepreneur or business owner can fill the information void with well-researched, easy-to-understand, and up-to-date blogs and guides. A good blockchain marketing agency can help you distribute this content so that the right reader finds it.

  • Build a Loyal Community of Followers

With the help of articles and whitepapers written by able Blockchain content writers, you can amass a good following of blockchain enthusiasts who are invested in your start-up. By building a lot of chatter that is focused around blockchain and cryptocurrency, you can discuss your company, future goals and plans, and start building relationships with people in your niche.

  • Leverage Real-Time Analytics and User Engagement Platforms

In order to successfully market your blockchain start-up, your hired blockchain marketing agency will employ a variety of tactics and tools. The most important of them all should be an analytics and engagement tool. These tools can help you understand what kind of traffic you’re driving to your website and give you a platform to communicate with the community of followers you’ve built.

The main focus for any start-up should be searching for like-minded audience and securing investments. This can be done by regularly updating product or business information on company website as well as marketing channels to keep the audience abreast with the latest information on the subject. This tactic will also keep the audience interested in the business and your progress.

Blockchain technology is fairly new and evolving by the minute, which can cause jitters among investors and questions among followers. Answer their queries by publishing content relating to the latest updates in the industry every once in a while. You can even consider hosting live chats on various social media platforms so that people can engage with the company and understand its progress.

If you’re part of a blockchain start-up, you’re on the cutting edge of technology. It’s an exciting place to be, but it will require strong marketing efforts on your part to promote your company.

An able blockchain marketing agency can make this task easier for you and take away a major responsibility off your shoulder. This will let you invest more time into developing your technology rather than talking about it and helping people understand it. Hire an experienced team of blockchain content writers for your business today and help your prospective audience better understand and connect with your business.

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