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Reasons Why DApps Are the Future of Decentralization

A DApp (Decentralized Application) is an open-source network that is powered by blockchain. It has been mostly popularized by distributed ledger technologies, especially Ethereum.

The basic reason why DApps are enthralling in today’s time is that they are nothing like the other traditional applications.

Let us first help you have a glance at the features of DApps that will ultimately lead you to know why they are the future of decentralization and blockchain!

  • Open-source

The source code of DApps is visible to the public and is open for the developers to contribute. The experts can take part in the decision making and check what’s happening on the network.

  • Token-based

Crypto tokens are rewarded to the miners for their contribution to the network. This system encourages users to participate and provides them access to the application.

  • Decentralized

The backend code runs on a distributed network of multiple computers and there is no centralized authority to monitor it. All the data and records are stored on a decentralized public blockchain.

Having talked about the features of DApps, it’s time to have a look at the reasons for its growing popularity.

  1. Prevents Internet Censorship

There is no central authority to control DApps. That means, it controls and prevents violation of the Internet Censorship. Even the government authorities cannot block or shut DApps because of the decentralized nature. Additionally, no one can ban or remove your comments. This feature is attracting more users at a rapid pace.

  1. Secured

You can be sure of the security concerns with DApp. Blockchain DApp network is spread across multiple independent devices but the users have a trust that their data will not be stolen or tampered with. These rely completely on the blockchain that stores the data and can safeguard the data against any sort of alteration or manipulation. It is virtually impossible as well as expensive to attack the whole network.

  1. Transparency

All the records that are stored on blockchain are visible to the public that are tightly secured through cryptography. There is no point of worrying since every transaction is verified. The strong sense of data security involved here boosts the confidence levels of the users since there is no single point of failure.

  1. Reliability and efficiency

DApps result in cheaper and faster transactions. On top of that, it also speeds up the processing and storing of data on the blockchain effectively. These offer a convenient and affordable way to handle data. DApps stand strong against downtimes, outages, and other glitches.

  1. Community involvement

DApp works on the lines of consensus. Everyone in the network can participate equally in decision-making processes. No change can be made to the underlying code without reaching a consensus. Anyone can interact with and use DApp once it’s hosted on a blockchain and this can make many DApps compatible with one another.

A sneak peek at the future

DApps are becoming a future thing. Still, the power of decentralization is hidden and beyond everyone’s imagination. But these are surely going to make many applications obsolete and it will lead to a situation where the world will have to get unified by shared data.

The banking sector is already eyeing DApps to make their working efficient, effective, and self-sustaining. Other sectors are following the same path and are developing over time.


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