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Steem Bot Development: Types of Steem Bots You Can Create With Steem Experts

A quick revision for those who forgot about Steemit!

Steemit is a social media platform that is built on blockchain. It pays its content creators and curators in Cryptocurrency. This platform is decentralized, free from censorship and makes the payment for the time invested on it by you.

Users have started creating a channel of revenue generation through steem bots. And the ones who are preparing to enter this domain are curious to know how to make a bot for Steemit, the most common types of bots that can be created and how bots can be beneficial for them.

Through this blog, we are going to talk about the types of steem bots you can create with Steem Experts.
Steem Experts is a team of professionals that specializes in Steemit and Steem. Let us begin our discussion!

  • Voting Bots

Steemit is a platform that is all about content, content, and content! And this content is in the form of blogs and questions. Voting bots provide upvotes based on pre-defined criteria. These bots accept bids in exchange for votes on posts based on the amount of steem power and voting power. All the votes are automatic for bids unless the bot owner chooses to vote manually that eliminates the potential bids and earnings.

  • Bid-based Voting Bots

Bid-based voting bots give upvotes based on the bids placed by the users. Steem Experts is a professional blockchain marketing company that has professionals carrying a vast experience in developing these bots. It sells votes to authors who want to get their posts shown in the “trending” and “hot” sections of the platform.

  • Commenting Bots

Commenting on posts is a must to earn money on this platform, especially for the new entrants. But a user cannot comment on each post and this is where commenting bots come in play. These bots are created based on the blockchain technology and leaves their comments based on pre-set criteria without exhausting the user.

  • Transaction Bots

Steemit gets flooded with countless transactions daily and to observe them & take logic-related action, transaction bots are very useful. Development of these bots requires a high level of expertise and knowledge that the team of Steem Experts possesses. With the help of transaction bots, users can take logical action after observing the transactions.

Why do you need a Steem Bot?

Steem bots hold equal importance for the new, as well as the veteran users of Steemit. Different types of bots hold importance for the users in various forms to help you earn big with Steemit.

What Next?

Contact Steem Experts, which is the most reliable blockchain marketing company. We will implement its expertise to accomplish the process of bot development for you that will further aid you in taking a big leap with this platform.
We are always open for discussion and ready to answer your questions regarding Steemit. Reach out to us now!

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