Steem Bot Development

Stay ahead in your SteemIt game with SoftProdigy’s brilliant Steem bot development services.

As users started creating a channel of revenue generation with the help of Steem bots, they have become a huge thing on the internet! Google searches are showing a great surge for the term ‘how to build a steem bot’. If you’re one of the people searching for the same, you’ve landed at just the right spot!

Nowadays, a lot of people are giving tutorials and writing blogs on how to make a bot for SteemIt. But it all gets confusing for the non-technical users SteemIt as they are not well-versed with the right technologies needed for steem bot development. And we are here only for such users.

Through our constant touch with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, we have acquired great knowledge about how to infuse the current technology with blockchain. We have a team of experts that specialize in SteemIt and steem. With their in-depth knowledge about the blogging platform and its currency unit, our steem experts help businesses solve their steem-based problems.

Voting Bots Developer- Delegation Bots Developer

If you want a bot for steem upvotes or any other activity on SteemIt, hire steem bot developer at SoftProdigy. Our detailed knowledge about SteemIt and technological soundness makes us the best choice for your steem bot development needs.

Types of Steem Bots We Create

Voting Bots

SteemIt is everything about blogs, questions, and a lot of content! It is also about earning steem and upvotes! Hire steem bot developer at SoftProdigy to develop your own voting bots that give upvotes based on a pre-set criteria. We master the technologies like Python and Node JS that are ideally used for the creation of these bug-free bots!

Bid-based Voting Bots

Bid-based voting bots also give upvotes but these votes are based on bids placed by the users. Our in-depth studies on blockchain and platforms like SteemIt have helped us create a team of experts for steem bot development. We have researched a lot about different types of Steem bots and have also created a few of them for our clients. Our experience says that we deliver nothing but the highest quality bots and help our clients earn big from them!

Commenting Bots

SteemIt users take commenting very seriously as this is one way to earn steem and make the most of the platform. However, commenting on several posts is humanly exhausting. As a solution, commenting bots are developed so that users can make money with SteemIt bot. We create commenting bots by using the right technology that observes the blockchain technology and leaves their comments, based on pre-set criteria.

Transaction Bots

There are countless transactions based on blockchain that is happening on SteemIt, every day. To keep a track of these transactions, to observe them, and take a logic-related action, Transaction Bots come in handy. These bots are created through a watchful process of steem bot development and need extra attention from the experts. SoftProdigy has mastered such a creation process.

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