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Steem dApps: The Decentralized Way of Doing Things

Steem is the cryptocurrency that has found its origin and popularity through its parent platform – SteemIt. What sets this cryptocurrency apart is the SteemIt platform. With a unique approach, this blogging network has turned out to be a huge success in a matter of just two years and a few months.

This blogging network now has more than 1 million users that are blogging on countless topics. The upvotes, comments, and other activities on the blogs help the users earn Steem and that is why the platform has gained such a great response.

With such a great response to Steem and SteemIt, the steem experts have given a lot of thought to steem dApp development  as well and the results are great so far!

Now, if you don’t have a clear idea about what dApps are, let us give you a little brief:


Short for decentralized apps, the dApps are based on blockchain technology. These apps are based on open-source platforms and the validators of blockchain are rewarded with cryptocurrency token on the usage of the apps. Thus, the dApps are also incentivized.

The dApps that first came into existence are clones of the already popular apps. The only difference between original apps and dApps is that the latter uses cryptocurrency for making payments and rewarding the users.

These apps are now available in a great variety like dApps for social networking, microblogging, music streaming apps, crypto wallet apps, gaming apps, e-commerce apps, and what not!

Recently, there has been a great increase in the number of dApps available on the web. With Steem being such widely used cryptocurrency, Steem dApp development has been in great demand! Some of the popular SteemIt dApp or steem dApp examples are explained below:

  • DTube

This one is a very popular dApp and is a clone app of YouTube. The video creators are rewarded with Steem on DTube. The app is based on Steem Blockchain and has a decentralized project of rewarding.

In the coming years, DTube is going to do great among the Decentralized Apps as this one is getting better and better every day!

  • SteepShot

You share all your life on Instagram but the maximum you can get from it is a praising comment and that’s it! On the other hand, SteepShot, based on the idea of Instagram, gives you rewards for sharing your life on the web.

When using this app, the users are rewarded with Steem when they post their picture on the platform. Though the app is still at a beginning level of steem dApp development, it is going to do great in the future.

  • Zappl

The Twitter of blockchain, this is a clone app of the popular microblogging website. Zappl is a great steem-based platform and allows users to share content and their creativity with other users. The catch here is that people get paid for writing on this platform – just like SteemIt.

However, Zappl is a microblogging platform, so the word limit is 280 characters only.

It is claimed as the first social media network that rewards its users.

All these apps are a result of smart ideas and exclusive dApp development. If you have the former, we can provide you with the latter!

At SoftProdigy, we provide expert steem-based services including efficient and avant-garde steem dApp development. So, if Steem rings a bell in your brain, get in touch with us and we will help channelize your ideas into something bigger!

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