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Steemit: Common Myths vs. Facts & How You Can Make It Big By Shunning Them

Steemit has a huge learning curve and a good number of pieces of information that we don’t come across in our daily lives. Although the internet is flooded with technical information on Steemit but only a few talk about the myths and facts related to it.

If you are interested in knowing the common myths and facts hiding behind them, join us and start reading.

  • MYTH: The more followers the better it is

Fact: Engagement is the key metric, which should be considered. Having thousands of followers with zero engagement levels stands void. One can easily fake the number of followers but not their activity or engagement level. Shun this myth right at this moment if you want to make it big on Steem.

  • MYTH: Get more followers by following others

Fact: This myth may hamper people’s perception of you at the beginning since you may start following a large number of people while the number of your followers may be very less. This will lead them to doubt your ability to make people follow you. A steem marketing consultant knows the reality behind it and can get you on the right track.

  • MYTH: There will be a sharp rise in the price

Fact: There is no clear prediction as to how and when the price will rise because it is not easy to make one. But one can expect a rise in the activity and adoption domain after the arrival of HF20. Believing such a myth would be like being a participant in baseless predictions.

  • MYTH: Voting power is Steem power

Fact: People stop voting because they think voting will diminish their Steem Power (SP). But the fact is that voting helps one to acquire more SP. The factor that people don’t find any mention on VP inside Steemit makes people believe this myth blindly.

  • MYTH: Reputation is equivalent to the voting weight

Fact: Reputation is more impactful than the voting weight. Steem power influences the vote and not the reputation. Remember that it is always about the SP on Steemit. A person’s reputation may go down if the flag to vote ratio is more inclined towards the flagging side but the vote won’t be influenced.

Make it big on Steemit by shunning these myths

Come out of the myths and make a big impact on Steemit with the simple tricks that we have brought for you.

  • Post engaging stuff

Leave everything else and start posting engaging and informational content to attract the attention of the users. Doing this will dominate all the myths and help you emerge the way you are.

  • Post valuable comments

When you comment, it adds to your Steem Power and gives you more chances to earn money. Engage yourself and perform commenting on the articles you think are worth it.

  • Initiate voting

Voting and Steem Power help each other as they work simultaneously. To vote, you need to have Steem Power and voting can help you strengthen your Steem Power.

  • Look out for a partner

Newbies can look for a partner since it is not easy for them to attain Steem Power. Search for a person with a good follower base and team-up with them.


Steemit is a platform that can be leveraged to reap financial benefits if done in appropriate ways. The other thing that can help you is Dapp development. Contact steem blockchain experts at SoftProdigy and get hold of the technology to leave a greater impact on the platform.

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