SteemIt vs. Medium: Which Platform Is Better?

SteemIt vs. Medium: Which Platform Is Better?

Online blogging platforms are increasingly becoming popular. This induces the fierce competition among them. Each blogger has a specific preference for the platform for posting the content. The selected platform imparts a huge effect, not only on the look and feel of the post but also on the process of writing itself. So which platforms are you using? WordPress, Blogger, Medium, or SteemIt?

In this blog post, we are going to discuss two platforms, Medium and SteemIt.

Both Medium and SteemIt are popular platforms and are well-known for different reasons. Most of the bloggers are switching between these platforms and a majority of them are not aware of what these platforms hold for them. Let’s have a look at both of these platforms:


It is a content platform that is built on blockchain technology and has added incentive feature for bloggers to monetize their content. A Steem blockchain runs by blocks and delegate proof of stake (DPOS). For that, it requires to get a Steem witness setup. In this, Steem community elects a person as a ‘witness’ that acts as the networks block producer and a governance body.

A user that posts either articles or comments on SteemIt earns money in the form of cryptocurrency called Steem. It depends upon the number of upvotes your content receives. Other connected websites that interact with SteemIt are DTube, DLive, Steepshot, and many more. Getting started to develop such Steem applications with amazing features is not an easy task. Applications that interface directly with the Steem blockchain need to have a Seed Node Setup. With this, the developers choose to use public API nodes available in a large number or run their own instance of a node.


Medium is more of a community-centric writing platform than a personalized blogging platform. Medium defines itself as “a place to read and write big ideas and important stories.” It is purely a hosted platform that means you cannot download anything from it and run at your own servers. Like SteemIt, Medium also pays to their contributors. The amount earned by the contributors depends upon the number of “clap” they receive on their content.

Compare & Contrast

Medium offers an ease to use, create accounts, have access to a dashboard, and draft a new story. On the other hand, it takes time to get up and running on SteemIt. Medium has specific rules, editorial guidelines, and standard legal documents that need to be maintained by the user. On the other hand, SteemIt has none of these. This lets the users post freely.  The SteemIt FAQ simply says that the platform enforces no rules. The users have put together an etiquette guide so it is advisable to follow them.

Both have their pros and cons, the selection from one of these depends upon the requirements of the users. Hope, this blog post covers it all. If you are a huge crypto enthusiast then you must go with the SteemIt platform and explore it more. All the best!

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