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Surefire Steps to Launch a Successful ICO

If you are reading this, there are chances that you are considering to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). There is no doubt that launching an ICO is very tempting and trending these days. But before getting into action, nobody thinks of how much efforts are required to launch an ICO and make it a successful one.

If we talk about the success or failure of ICO projects, there are projects that end up being a scam and there are some projects too that have managed to raise an amount of $200,000 in contribution like Useless Ethereum Token, without putting much efforts. Now, the question is, what needs to be done to ensure success? A sure shot strategy is an answer to this. By giving your project the right direction, time, and efforts, you can direct it towards the path of success.

Keeping this at focus, this blog post is written to provide you the surefire steps by best ICO marketing companies to launch a successful ICO. So, let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Know your competition

Doing competitive analysis is must if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. First of all, get to know who you are competing against and what you are competing for. The answers to these questions are: you are competing against every single ICO out there and you are competing to stand out from the crowd.

  • Create a project’s roadmap

As your ICO launch aims for your product, it needs a clear roadmap for success. Your ICO must give a promising picture out to the investors and win their trust. This roadmap involves the process of transferring your vision into the product that will ultimately generate revenue.

  • Build a skilled team

This is the most important step while launching an ICO. The success of any project depends upon the quality of work done by the team. So, it is essential to have a skilled team responsible for developing the product, launching it with completion, and for carrying out other marketing activities to attract the right audience. Apart from the developer, engineers, cryptocurrency content writers, and marketers, you also need a number of advisors too. Make sure the advisor knows all the laws required to set your foot in the blockchain world.

  • Prepare a Pre-ICO teaser

Preparing a pre-ICO teaser is a perfect way to give a brief about your ICO. This teaser should be around three to six pages and clear enough to be understandable to experts in the blockchain technology, your investors, and to the general public as well. As you know that the first impression is the last impression, your pre-ICO teaser should highlight all the impressive points that win your potential investors

  • Build and contribute to the blockchain community

Another important step is ensuring that your ICO is known to crypto investors, conventional investors, and the general public. You can do that by building and contributing to the blockchain community. There are a few from your audience who do not even know what an ICO is. So, spending a large amount of money to advertise your ICO for them is imprudent. It is best you hire ICO marketer to accomplish this step.

  • Write a white paper

Writing a white paper for your ICO is a must! It involves technical documentation that covers the market analysis, the vision of the project, architectural goals, token details, legal issues, resources in hand, team details, early investors and advisors, etc. You can hire a blockchain content writer to help you write a successful whitepaper.

Now that you have gone through the surefire ways of launching a successful ICO, pull your socks up and step by step, keep moving towards success. If you are seeking an ICO marketing expert then get in touch with Steem Experts of SoftProdigy – one of the best ICO marketing companies serving clients across the globe.

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