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Things You Should Know before Going for DApp Development

Blockchain has taken the world by surprise and things have never been the same since BitCoin hit it big in the digital markets! If anyone is keeping a log, Blockchain has grown immensely since the day cryptocurrency became popular.

Now, you can find Blockchain trying its luck in almost every sphere of technology. DApp development is a part of the blockchain revolution that seems to have started!

If you don’t know what a DApp is, let us give you a brief overview:


The literal meaning of DApps is decentralized apps. These apps are based on blockchain and don’t have any controlling party or developer. This is why these apps are called decentralized. These apps don’t run on a single computer or device. Rather, they run on a P2P network of devices. These apps are developed in a way that no single entity has complete control over the app.

When it comes to the development of DApps, the process is quite more complex than traditional apps. This is why it is advised to seek help only from experienced and skilled blockchain or steem DApp development experts.

If you’ve considered getting a DApp developed for your business or idea, here is some information that might come in handy:


The process of DApp development includes prototyping, rigorous testing, ICO, and more! Here are the steps followed by SteemIt DApp blockchain developers:

  • Publishing of a whitepaper

This whitepaper includes the idea, design, and prototype of your DApp. In this whitepaper, you can talk about the features of your DApp, the technology used, currencies used, and more!

  • Launching of ICO

Before the developers jump into the process of development, the initial token sale is set up. The announcement about the ICO is made and then through ICO, the developers or businessmen spread the ownership stake of DApps.

This is done to gather funds for the development of the app.

  • Development

With the help of the collected funds, the development process of a DApp is started. As for now, the most popular language used for the development of DApps on Ethereum is Solidity. The plan and prototypes are then implemented in the development of apps to deliver what has been promised in the whitepaper.

  • Launch

With the help of DApp experts and delegation bots developer, the apps are launched in the digital markets.

DApps are being developed and launched for different areas like token systems, government organizations, record maintenance, entertainment, an extension to cryptocurrency-based platforms like Steem, finance, and more!

Besides the development of DApps, you can also avail the services of delegation bots developer to make the most out of blockchain platforms like Steem.

So, this was a bit about DApps and their development! If you’re planning on getting a DApp developed, get in touch with professionals for Steem DApp development.

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