Blockchain-based Social Media Networks

Top 3 Blockchain-based Social Media Networks you must try in 2020

Blockchain is known for its privacy and security. We have seen several industries leveraging this technology to make their businesses progress at a fast pace and attract more traffic, especially gaming and finance.  Now, even social media can use blockchain to offer their users freedom, privacy, and rewards.

Mainstream social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have recently given rise to several controversies. These centralized platforms can censor the users and content against their database wishes, which takes away the freedom and privacy of individuals. Apart from this, social media platforms also demonetize content and control revenue flow single-handedly.

However, with blockchain-based social media platforms, these problems can be solved. First, they will store user content on an immutable ledger of blockchain, which prevents censorship. Secondly, these platforms will provide users with control over rewards. As the demand for blockchain technology is increasing, we will see professionals from various industries to hire cryptocurrency or blockchain developers more than ever.

In this post, we will look at some of the most prominent blockchain-based social media platforms to look for in 2020.

  • Society2 on IOTA

Society2 is a new decentralized social media platform, which is based on the IOTA blockchain and IOTA Streams framework. This blockchain-based social media platform will provide users with improved privacy, greater control over data, and free IOTA tokens by viewing ads.

  • Voice on EOS

Voice, a social media platform, is developed by EOS creator It was developed with a promise to focus on transparency and to offer rewards to content creators. The platform aims to eliminate fake news, bots, and fraudulent promotional practices. To do so, Voice has made it necessary for every user to verify them and make a public account.

  • Reddit’s Ethereum Points

Following the trend, Reddit has also started to experiment with Ethereum points. Though Reddit already works based on points system “karma,” a reward system based on blockchain will ensure that users have control over their points.

These are some of the top blockchain-based social media projects. If you’re interested in investing your money in blockchain technology by developing dApps for your business, hire experienced blockchain programmers. We, at Steem Experts, house a team of blockchain developers who specialize in Steem bot and Steem dApp development.

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