what is the career growth in blockchain?

Top 7 Blockchain Jobs and Careers in Demand

Time is changing quite fast and so is the onset of technologies. Blockchain is on the top of the list that has transformed the concept of technology forever. The rise of blockchain has resulted in more and more startups, legacies, tech firms, and government organizations raising the requisite capital to grow and scale.

This necessitates the need to hire experienced professionals with skills in the blockchain technology.

Research shows that more and more employers are seeking talent in blockchain space and are also offering high prices to get it on board. A study by Glassdoor has found that the demand for blockchain experts has increased to 300% since the last year. Agreed that many issues were raised in the current crypto market, but still, the blockchain technology appears to have quite a bright future. Now you must be thinking what is the career growth in blockchain? Continue reading and you will get you answer!

On the latest skills index by Upwork, blockchain expertise has secured the No. 1 position for being the most demanded skills in the U.S. market. This shows how high the demand for such skills is! Keeping that in focus, we are going to throw some light on the best blockchain jobs and careers that one can consider.

  • Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers who have the expertise in helping companies in develop blockchain platforms have the strongest career opportunities in the industry right now. Every business that wants to use blockchain to improve its efficiency and speed, requires a developer to build the platform first. A Blockchain Developer or Engineer, being a highly technical expert, requires skills in languages like Solidity and Go Language that are used to create automatically executing agreements called smart contracts. Additional proficiency in C++, Java, JavaScript, NODE.JS, and HTML serves like icing on the cake.

  • Blockchain Project Manager

A majority of companies are now seeking blockchain development solutions and hiring blockchain services providers. When these business owners need to directly communicate with the developers, they find it difficult to explain their requirements well. This leads to the need of project managers who work as an intermediate between them and are responsible for planning and supervising the successful execution of a blockchain project. The project managers must have traditional expertise in managing the projects and the technological know-how to make things go smooth.

  • Blockchain Designer

The user interface and design of blockchain solutions are becoming very crucial these days as they are being used by business owners to capitalize on its efficiency, cost-saving, and more. The role of a blockchain designer is to make the user interface so appealing that it connotes trust to the target audience. They design the website that clearly informs the customers what a business offers in the blockchain space.

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer

Similar to the quality analysts in other development environments, blockchain technology also requires a blockchain quality engineer to ensure the quality of the developed product. A blockchain quality engineer is responsible for planning and delivering the complex blockchain projects while maintaining the standards of the quality.

  • Community Manager

Since every business needs marketing and promotion to reach their target audience, and so do the businesses based on the blockchain technology. Here, blockchain community managers play a vital role. Many businesses are hiring a blockchain marketing company to fulfill this need. The major responsibilities of a community manager includes engaging with the customers, offering customer services, building an online presence, and providing answers to customer’s frequently asked questions.

  • Risk Analyst

The responsibility of a risk analyst in blockchain technology varies depending upon the type of industry. They might be indulged in programming and development for conducting the analysis or maintaining the documentation on the product and technology. Risk Analysts must have a strong hold on the programming languages that are used to build blockchain applications. This expertise is mostly required in finance and government-related industries.

  • Legal Consultant

As blockchain is an industry full of legal and regulatory confusions, there are increased chances of privacy issues and potential conflicts. With this, legal consultants are in huge demand who don’t need to have expertise in programming but must have a deep understanding of the underlying technology and development processes. The desired candidate to fill this position in the blockchain industry must have a law degree and a license to practice.

So, these were all top blockchain jobs and careers in demand. If you are thinking to proceed with your career in any of these areas then you’ll need to hit the ground running as with the increase in jobs, the competition is also increasing day by day. If you are seeking for such experts for you blockchain projects then hire Steemit experts as they are well-versed to get all the jobs done. Best of luck!

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