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What Are the Top Coding Languages For Steem DApp Development?

The blockchain development platforms and programming languages are continuously evolving. And today, there are multiple programming languages for Steem dApp development.

Whether you’re looking for blockchain development or dApp development, you should pick the right programming language for your project.

Check out the top coding languages listed below for Steem dApp development.

  • C++

C++ is a powerful programming language that has stood the test of time. It can be used for higher-level tasks and allow programmers to get very close to the hardware itself. This has made C++ highly popular for the development of dApps. If you want to make your blockchain or dApp as efficient and speedy as possible then C++ is a good choice.

  • JavaScript

According to a survey, JavaScript is the most popular language for software development.  JavaScript, along with its dozens of libraries and frameworks, is the engine that drives modern web development.  JavaScript language is very good at handling asynchronous actions. This makes JavaScript best-suited for blockchain development such as dApp development. JavaScript already has a familiar presence on the web and it’s easy to learn this language.

  • Python

Just like JavaScript, Python is also easy to learn and is a common language for programming, especially for scientists and data analysts. Python has a large active community that has released extensive libraries for a variety of technical applications. These capabilities make Python an excellent general-purpose programming language that can be used for building blockchains and dApps.

  • Ruby

Ruby is yet another top blockchain development language. This high-level programming language empowers developers to accomplish their goals effectively and effortlessly through open-source third-party APIs and plugins. This language enables developers to mix its features with other languages to build an enhanced platform. Ruby is highly considered by blockchain developers for building dApp and software.

After reading about the top coding languages above, you’re undoubtedly wondering which one is right for your project. The answer for this question is in understanding what you’re actually trying to do and what networks you’ll be working with.

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