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Top Cryptocurrency Blogs of 2020 Every Marketer Should Know

With Bitcoin hitting the radar of the tech enthusiasts, cryptocurrency has been continuously making waves ever since its inception. Because of the presence of multiple websites, platforms, and applications about cryptocurrency, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cryptocurrency is leaving a massive impact on the digital world.

There has been a huge gush of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based business ideas like SteemIt DApp development and creation of cryptocurrency-based web platforms. All this buzz is compelling marketers and steem blockchain experts to explore their horizons and make room for cryptocurrency in their businesses.

With this, you must have noticed a little swing towards a utopian society where decentralized economy is favored, and the preference of people to use cryptocurrency as compared to fiat currency.

So, let’s dive into the details and get insights into some cryptocurrency forums of 2020 that every marketer must be aware of:

  • CoinDesk Being one of the leading companies for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community, CoinDesk has been serving around 10 million unique visitors with its exceptional digital media, events, and information services. 
  • Bitcoin News One of the foremost sources for every Bitcoin-related information, Bitcoin.com has a specific section that unveils the latest news and updates regarding the cryptocurrency. Moreover, it facilitates you to engage with the users’ community on the Bitcoin Forum. 
  • Cointelegraph Originated in 2013, Cointelegraph has been one of the most trusted information sources for cryptocurrency-related information, since its initiation. Being an entirely independent publication platform that magnificently covers cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, blockchain, and the next gen web, Cointelegraph has become a global leader in this niche. 
  • NewsBTC NewsBTC has been showcasing quality news content, user reviews, technical analysis, predictions, as well as other unique insights of the evolving cryptocurrency community since 2013. With the use of articles, interviews, and latest news updates, NewsBTC enables its users to understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a better way. 
  • The Merkle 

Started in 2014, TheMerkle strives to fetch you the latest and reliable news related to crypto, finance, InfoSec, and much more. With a daily market analysis about the exchanges and cryptocurrencies, it aims at delivering the prevalent topics about the latest innovations, startups, and conspiracies in the industry.

So, if you have a business idea lingering in your mind that is based on cryptocurrency, blockchain, or the combination of both, hit the forums listed above and try your luck in the transformations taking place! You can hire SteemIt experts to make things easier and more effective for you!

Hopefully, you found the shared information worth reading. If you still have some doubts or questions in mind, get in touch with us as we have a team of steem blockchain experts in our blockchain marketing agency to help you out. Good luck!