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A list of the Top Ethereum- Based dApps That Have The Most Active Users

You all must be familiar with Bitcoin. After all, it is the most widespread application of blockchain technology. But do you know Ethereum has led to the universal adoption of the technology? Ethereum Virtual Machine, Ethereum’s proprietary language Solidity, and smart contracts, have allowed developers to launch nearly 1,500 decentralized apps and numerous new cryptocurrency projects.

Ethereum was launched in 2015 as a “secure backbone” for developers to use in developing a new software application. Keeping up the promise, Ethereum has provided us with much-needed innovations without any censorship and interference by the third-party. This vision has led to the blast of fundraising using Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) where Ethereum-based tokens were provided as a native currency for applications that were being developed. However, we are yet to see the real launch.

Although ICOs will invite your money at this moment, the real working dApps are always a day away from reality. However, there are still a few dApps managed to attract hundreds and thousands of active daily users. If you’re thinking about investing your money in any blockchain technology such as Ethereum, hire experienced Steemit dApp developers. Meanwhile, you can learn about the most popular Ethereum-based dApps.

Here are the top Ethereum-based dApps according to the number of active daily users.

  • IDEX

Currently, IDEX is the most-used Ethereum dApp. It is the only Ethereum decentralized exchange that has real-time trading with high transaction throughout. It offers exchange in ether and ERC-20 tokens. However, the major advantage of this decentralized app is that the operating logic is coded and fully-transparent using Ethereum smart contracts.

  • ForkDelta

With nearly 6,500 daily active users, ForkDelta ranks as the second most-used Ethererum-based dApp. Just like IDEX, ForkDelta also offers trading in ether and ERC-20 tokens. Launched in 2018, ForkDelta comes with a clear roadmap about its progression and the exchange plans in the future. Its exchange depends on Ethereum-based smart contracts.

  • Bancor

Bancor network is the third-most-popular Ethereum dApp in the current times. It is a blockchain protocol that allows users to exchange different virtual cryptocurrency tokens without matching buyers and sellers. Instead, it provides liquidity between different Ethereum-based assets through smart tokens.

  • CryptoKitties

The fourth most-used Ethereum dApp is CryptoKitties. It is an online game that has attracted more attention as compared to any other dApps. It is was launched in 2017, November 28th, and within the first week, it became very popular, while causing an increased amount of congestion to the Ethereum network.

With the launch of its dApp capabilities, Ethereum has attracted multiple developers to take advantage of its decentralized blockchain to develop next-generation dApps and some of the most popular ones we’ve explained here. If you’ve been searching for how to build a Steem bot or leverage the power of this decentralized blockchain technology, you’ve landed on the right page. We, at Steem Experts, have experts that help businesses solve their problems related to blockchain and Steem.

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