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Top P2P Blockchain-Based Social Media Platforms

Present world has become so embedded with the use of social media platforms that it’s hard to imagine most people’s everyday lives — without it. While the social media revolution is humongous, there’s another revolution within this revolution — blockchain-based social media!

Blockchain and crypto-based social media platforms are slowly sliding in users’ devices. They are decentralized, incentivized, & offer alternatives to popular platforms like Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, etc.

The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously during the last 2 years & currently stands at a capitalization of nearly $406 billion.

Steemit is one of the pioneers among blockchain-based social media platforms which came in existence in July 2016. Today, it is popular among users & is trending in Steem bitcointalk.

As a renowned Steem marketing consultant in the industry, Steem Experts keeps its searching caps on when it comes to blockchain and related platforms. Through our research, we have managed to create a list of some most popular blockchain and crypto-based sites. Browse down the article to learn them:

  1. Bitchute

It is a peer-to-peer, web torrent video sharing platform. Bitchute is quite similar to YouTube, except the fact that it is a blockchain-based platform. Its main user interests are mainly politics & activism.

  1. Steemit

It’s a Steem blockchain-based social media platform where you can earn STEEM and Steem Dollars to post, comment, and curate content. Its main user interests includes advice, finance, economics, etc.

  1. Dlive

A blockchain-based video sharing platform built on Steem blockchain. You can earn Lino points to post and engage on Dlive. Its main user interests are gaming (livestreaming), animation, and analytics.

  1. Minds

An open source social media platform where you can earn Minds ERC20 tokens for contributions. This blockchain-based platform is pretty similar to Twitter & Facebook.

  1. Narrative

A user-governed social media platform for bloggers where users can earn NRVE tokens to post, comment, curate, moderate, and own niches. Narrative is pretty similar to Medium platform except the fact that it’s built using blockchain technology.

  1. Memo

It’s a BCH crypto-based social media platform. Users can earn BCH crypto via posting. Memo’s main user interests are Bitcoin Cash and blogging.

  1. Socialx

A platform for sharing photos and videos. This platform is quite similar to Instagram but here, users can earn SOCX coins for contribution and licensing.

It’s exciting to see the creation of this new generation of blockchain-based social media platforms. You can contact our Steem marketing consultant to learn more about unique opportunities in cryptocurrency and security. Get in touch, today!


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