Social Media Platforms to Earn Cryptocurrency

Top Social Media Platforms That Let You Earn Cryptocurrency

Today, life without social media is next to impossible. These platforms are not only a source of entertainment and communication but also an important way for businesses to reach out to their target audiences. After all, almost every individual has their presence on one or more social media platforms. Thus, it’s safe to say that social media plays an important role in our lives whether we use the channels for personal or professional purpose.

There are a wide variety of people who leverage social media for various purposes. This includes entrepreneurs, influencers, laymen, and even crypto enthusiasts. Most of us might have no idea how social media relates to cryptocurrency. But to your surprise, cryptocurrency has always depended on social media platforms, as they make sharing ideas and connecting to people easier. Moreover, the generation of the very idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain will be mostly credited to social media platforms that helped in the rise of activist teams such as Cypherpunks.

Therefore, it goes without saying that social media platforms play an important role in cryptocurrency development.

In fact, some of the emerging social networking platforms like Honest and Mamby follow a reward system. This means users win Bitcoin whenever they post on any of these platforms. Apart from this, other platforms like eToro have built a multi asset social trading platform that comes with advanced features to help cryptocurrency traders.

If you’re a crypto enthusiast who loves trading and likes to share your ideas with others, here are some social media sites recommended by a leading cryptocurrency marketing company.

Top social media sites for crypto enthusiasts.

  1. Bitfinex

Recently, Bitfinex Pulse social network was announced by the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. It is basically a social trading platform, but comes with a twist that provides crypto traders with an upper hand in the market. Thus, they can easily collaborate and share ideas.

Unlike other social networking platforms, Bitfinex is designed to meet the needs of its users and provide them with quality content for a technically sound audience.

  1. Steemit

There is good news for avid Reddit users, as they can easily transition to Steemit. This platform also works like Reddit where visibility of powers entirely depends on the number of votes received on a post. Steemit, a blockchain-based social networking platform is a creation of Ned Scott and Daniel Larimer.

Contrary to other incentivized blockchain-based platforms, Steemit offers rewards for leaving comments on the posts as well as upvoting other posts.

  1. Mamby

Supported by artificial intelligence, Mamby is the perfect example of the new age of social networks. The aim of this platform is to eradicate inappropriate information and news. Today, most social media platforms are constantly witnessing false news. Thus, Mamby appreciates users who post high-quality and relevant content by rewarding them with Bitcoins. This is what makes Mamby an appealing social media site to a large number of crypto enthusiasts.

With the growing demand for blockchain technology and an increase in dependency on social media networks, the innovation has helped in the coming-out of value-based social networks platforms and don’t forget about the mass adoption of crypto. If you’re looking for a trustworthy cryptocurrency marketing company, don’t look any further. Steem Experts can offer the required help in your cryptocurrency development and marketing needs.