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User’s Guide to Become a Steem Witness – Steem Experts

Becoming a steem witness is not possible for everybody! Starting off with such a negative statement might confuse you but it’s true that this is not something for complete beginners. There might have been numerous user’s guides explaining how you can become a steem witness. However, when taken into practice, many steem users abandon the ship. There are a very few who drop everything they’re doing and step forward to resolve server issues.

Also, you will struggle more during the setup process if you have no hands-on experience beforehand. This hardens the challenge to maintain it.  So, let’s have a look at the prerequisites of becoming a steem witness:

  • Basic IT knowledge
  • Awareness about servers and CLI (command line interface)
  • A lot of patience, obviously

If you possess all such things in hand then let’s get started! If not, then you must need to reconsider your idea. Before that, let’s understand who is a Steem Witness in Steem Blockchain.

With steem, there is a need for some set of people who create blocks and use delegate proof of stake (DPOS) i.e. to perform validation. Those individuals are called steem witnesses. They are qualified and experienced in cryptocurrency networks and are voted to become a trusted member.

A lot of things are provided to them to get the steem witness setup. This includes a set of hardware and software along with dedicated servers, best server configuration, various updates, and applications.

Since they are voted and given such provisions, many things are expected from them. Following things are expected from a steem witness:

  • To do seed node setup
  • Run reliable seed nodes
  • Maintain accurate price feed
  • Configure nodes
  • Maintain a list of seed nodes
  • Plan updates
  • Use witness rewards to fund development

Every quality a steem witness possess and every service they do is rewarded and paid in Steem Power.

Now the questions is, who all are eligible to vote the steem witness? The answer is – every Steemit user can vote!

They are entitled to vote and elect 30 steem witnesses. Every user on Steemit can vote for 30 witnesses and only 5% of users are doing it right now. Check out the below-mentioned points to know on what criteria they find a trusted member and setup steem witness:

  • One who is tech savvy
  • Fully determined
  • Have a good track record
  • Liked and respected by Steemit users
  • Desires to keep Blockchain secure
  • A popular individual in Steemit Community
  • Actively engaged in the community

So, vote now if you have recognized any user that seemed familiar. Every individual who stands out to get elected needs to know the ways to become popular and market himself to the community.  If you are willing to contribute to the Blockchain and feel that you fit the criteria of a trusted member in the Steemit Community then you should give a try too. All the best!

I hope you have found the information shared in this blog worth reading and you have got a clear idea about the steem witness, qualities to become one and the roles they play. So, if you are thinking to become that popular individual then pull your socks now!

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