User’s Guide to Earn with SteemIt

User’s Guide to Earn with SteemIt – Steem Experts

Social media is one of the most trending things on the Internet! People spend most of their time switching between different social media platforms.

With such a widespread usage of social media, it has really gotten big over the years. People are now using social media to run businesses and make money through it!

Have you ever thought of earning from social media? These days, it is easy to earn through social media and one such platform to earn some money is SteemIt.

If that has caught your attention, continue reading, as we will be looking at how to make money with Steemit.

Now, before we talk about earning with SteemIt, let’s have a look at how and in what form this platform will pay you.

Earning on SteemIt

Just like bitcoin and lite coin, SteemIt has Steem as its own cryptocurrency. The currency has been known for years now and was introduced on the SteemIt platform itself. Steem is the unit, just like USD, in which you can earn on SteemIt.

If you want to know more about SteemIt, you can find some useful information about it on the Steem bitcointalk – a forum about bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

To make money with Steemit and earn steem, all you need to do is post content on this blogging platform.

The content creators and internet readers can make money in ways that have never existed. Here, in this blog post, you will find out the best ways to do so successfully.



If you are good at writing, this platform will give you an amazing opportunity to earn money through your writing skills. The best thing here is that there is no limit to the amount of content you can write. Just write something that engages your audience and helps to build a good follower base. Many Steem Blockchain experts have earned a great Steem power through their content but getting at that level requires a lot of effort and a creative mind.


If you are not so good at writing and posting long articles then you can just put comments on other’s posts. Are you wondering how just by commenting you can earn? SteemIt lets you earn well by posting valuable comments on content posted by other users. When you comment, it adds to your Steem Power and this improves your chances of making money. Not that you won’t make as much as you can do by posting articles


Voting can also help you make money but for that, you must have a good Steem Power. Voting can help you strengthen your Steem power, which in turn help you make more money out of it.  Commenting and upvoting on a post are the simplest ways you can earn Steem on this platform.


Voting for the popular content is easy but voting for the content before it becomes popular is a task. For this, you need to do research in terms of finding a new article which is not so popular but has a potential to become the next popular one. When this article finally becomes popular, you will get the curation reward. The more Steem Power you possess, the more you will earn from curating the best post.


If you are new to this platform and do not have much Steem Power but want to earn more, you can search for a well-established partner. Discover the users with a good follower base and team-up with them to write posts. If all seems perfect, you can share the income.

Hopefully, you have now got an idea about how to make money with SteemIt. If you still have some doubts then you can get in touch with us as we have the best Steem marketing consultant to help you out.

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