Blockchain Marketing Technology

Why Go for Blockchain Marketing Technology? Everything You Need to Know

The technologies that have become our go-to resource for most aspects of our life were once nothing more than speculation and rocket science. For example, the World Wide Web – Introduced to the world in 1990 and has changed our lives forever.

Today, everything, from communications to shopping, navigation, paying bills, fetching information, and many more, is heavily dependent on the internet. So much that it’s hard to imagine our lives without having access to the online sphere.

Each day, the technological world improves and gives rise to innovations. Therefore, enter Blockchain. While the concept of this technology is relatively new, it gained popularity worldwide within a short span. So, what has caused people to drive towards this technology? The reasons are high security, transparency, control over data, and many more.

Blockchain has several use cases, but the one that is taking the world by storm is its application in digital marketing. When it comes to digital marketing, it is an essence in the world of business. It is the most affordable and convenient way for enterprises to promote their products and services. But with the integration of blockchain technology, digital marketers can overcome the challenges of conventional online marketing. Before we further dive into why it’s time to switch to blockchain social media marketing from traditional digital marketing, it’s essential to get a clear idea about blockchain technology.

  • What is blockchain technology?

While the concept of blockchain technology is still in its infancy, it has the potentials of taking over most aspects of our life. It does not host large databases on a single server or offers control to one entity. Instead, it stores data into multiple blocks, which are incorruptible and secure. Thus, it means an information database is available to everyone who participates in the blockchain network. Let us discuss some ways in which blockchain marketing technology is revolutionizing the relationship between businesses and consumers. Also, you will understand why there is a surge in demand for Blockchain website SEO services.

  • The change in information collection and data privacy

One of the most prominent reasons why blockchain integration into digital marketing seems beneficial is the changes in data collection and privacy. In the past few years, many online users worry about their data and profile privacy due to increased data breaching incidents. Even the leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are slowly going through the downfall because of lack of privacy.

These tech giants use their users’ profiles for personal benefits by selling the data to third-party companies. If you have ever noticed, you receive ads on social media networks depending on the products purchased, recently visited sites, searches on Google, and many more. Thus, we can say that there is nothing private on the internet.

However, we can resolve such issues with blockchain technology because it can decentralize the internet. It offers better control over your data and information. Also, companies cannot access any information without your permission.

  • Minimum-to-no digital advertisements

Nothing is more frustrating than being bombarded with ads when watching a video, reading a blog, visiting a website, or making a purchase. We can vouch that everyone experiences this regularly. Don’t you? Usually, businesses use this tactic of overloading pages with ads to draw user’s attention. The logic behind sending many advertisements is that at least one could appeal to the user. But it does not always happen as predicted. Instead, online ads frustrate users because they act as a hindrance, which reduces their online experience.

Besides this, large-scale digital ads take up more bandwidth of your device and possibly reduce battery life. Fortunately, BAT – Basic Token Attention can help us to deal with this problem effectively. It has the potential to change the interactions among marketers, publishers, and users. With BAT, the advertisers have to follow these three steps before displaying online ads, including:

  1. Advertisers have to buy ads
  2. Users can choose which type of ads they want to see
  3. Payment allocation to publishers
  • Better accountability for publishers

In the past, marketers did not have an appropriate way to find out how publishers use their ads. As a result, advertisers had faced high expenses and other ad frauds. Given this situation, having transparency between the advertiser and publisher became essential. Therefore, blockchain technology is an ideal solution because it offers transparency that allows advertisers to keep a tab on who sees their ads.

  • More relevant influencers

If you are a social media buff, you must be aware of influencers and their role in promoting products. Many companies depend primarily on these influencers to promote their brands to their target audience. While it is an effective tool, it comes with a few drawbacks, like collaboration with the wrong influencer. Well, this can do more harm to your brand image than good.

For example, many influencers pretend to have a large number of followers, which are nothing but bots – fake followers. With blockchain technology, brands can find out which influencer has real followers or which boasts bots as followers. Thus, we will have fewer but more relevant influencers on social media networks.

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