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What Best ICO Marketing Companies Offer In their ICO?

Most of us are familiar with the storm of blockchain technology & its implementation in businesses these days. Its applications has a potential to leverage our economy to some new heights. For a growing number of entrepreneurs and start-ups, blockchain & cryptocurrencies are seen as the platforms of the future. But why?

Well, blockchain is providing security, flexibility, scale, and scope to businesses. As such, businesses are launching Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) while targeting other businesses or individuals for investment. This new financial tool enables young start-ups and investors to earn.

An ICO is where a company raises funds by launching its own digital currency, typically in exchange for cryptocurrency. The idea is to attract investors though a white paper, who are looking to capitalize on the latest cryptocurrency surge. ICOs are super-hyped right now with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in recent months. You can derive huge funds with an effective & meaningful white paper.

Although, there are several businesses with their ICOs in the market, what it is that really inspire investors? The best ICO marketing companies share some notable points that every fund raiser should mention in their white paper for ICO:

  1. The required funding amount is clearly mentioned in the ICO.
  2. Direct cryptocurrency mining can be possible.
  3. A test version of the product is implemented.
  4. There is a clear development plan for the startup after receiving investment.
  5. There is a set of expert estimates for the project.
  6. The identity & reputation of the organizers is known & good.
  7. The need for ICO and the launching of a new cryptocurrency is well-determined in the white paper.

Whether you are planning to write an ICO white paper by yourself or looking to hire a professional blockchain marketing agency for the job, these ICO white paper writing tips can help you do an awesome job.

In addition, an encouraging ICO must contain the following sections in the white paper:

  • A problem.
  • A solution to that problem i.e. your product.
  • A description of your token & ICO.
  • Commercial applications of your token.
  • Some technical aspects
  • Roadmap or timeline of the project.
  • About your team or company.
  • Token’s future perspectives.

These are the most crucial elements of the white paper. There are other sections like introduction part, about blockchain, token features, and benefits, real-world applications, use of funds, etc. It is very essential to mention the details of the project team and members in your white paper. It gains the trust of your readers.

Did you know? A project of payment system for blockchain – Monetha, collected $37 million in just 18 minutes. Its white paper contained all the above-mentioned sections. It has a detailed description of the project’s working plan, token economy, fund-using plans, and also team members’ record.

The length of a standard white paper is from 25 to 35 pages. You can write a white paper by yourself while keeping these crucial aspect in your mind. On the other hand, you can simply hire one of the best ICO marketing companies for the task.

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